Monica del Pilar Novoa Montejo

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor


For some years now, a little voice spoke to me in my heart and insisted that the job or work I was doing at that moment was not adequate for the fulfillment of my life’s mission. Over time, this feeling and that voice became stronger until finally achieving its objective, which was that I resign from my job as Financial Officer Chief in a State entity and in which I developed my career as an Economist. When I finished with this activity, I felt a great liberation of my soul and that freedom was part of me again however, the doubt, and the fear of what I was going to dedicate to to financially support my family, made me faint at times. Despite the above, it was only to get away from that world of envy, competition, and tension to finally begin to understand that voice that spoke to me permanently. I started reading, looking for the why of things, and through different angelic, spiritual, and psychological processes and consultations, I finally focused my attention and my intention on following that call the universe was giving me, and I opened my heart to allow my passion for what my truth was to came out.

My interest from that moment has been to support the human beings who interact with me so that they can develop the best version of themselves in an optimal state of well-being that allows them to find their way towards their life’s mission.

To achieve the above, I found Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection as a tool, and I can only say that the frequency confirmed that the shift I gave my life was correct, and that each person who came to me for some reason could be benefited with this new passion that I have dedicated myself to since 2009.

My invitation to you is that you never run away, from the moment we choose as human beings to come to Earth, we have that purpose of life defined but on many occasions, we hesitate a lot to focus on it and develop it. That is why today I focus on being able to help other people who, like me, feel misplaced or uncomfortable in the place they occupy in their present moment, and that makes, in some way, that there is no fullness in their existence and that therefore that happiness to which we all have a right to is not reached in their lives.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish and english

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