Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner,
The Reconnection Professional Practitioner
Co-Instructor in Training


Korina was born in Osijek, Croatia. Natural curiosity drove her to research of human origin, different spiritual paths and body – spirit connection. She came across Vedic literature in her early twenties, and that had made her an admirer of its profound philosophy, in every possible way.

Many years after, during some challenging times, Vedic astrologer pointed out to her that there is something called Reconnective Healing that she could try. The simplicity and efficacy of this energy frequency intrigued her so much, that soon she has received Personal Reconnection too. It brought so many changes into her life, that, not just resolving some health issues, but she, as a person started to change.. She knew she needed to continue on this path, and became Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection practitioner.
After practicing for five years, she took another step, expanded her education and in Milan, Italy, continued her journey as a member of Global Leadership Support Team.

Being part of international teaching team, participating in seminars mostly in Balkan region, Korina has witnessed incredible transformations in participants lives. She has seen people overcome physical and emotional pain, break free from limiting beliefs, and tap into their inner wisdom and creativity.

She believes that Reconnective Healing is a powerful gift for humanity, that can help people connect with their true selves and reach their full potential. That is why Korina continued to expand her knowledge and skills in this field. She is now continuing her path and is taking another step further as Co Instructor in training.

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