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OPEn ticket

The Open Ticket allows you to participate to one  training program of Reconnective Healing and/or The Reconnection on the date and place you prefer, within 12 months.

By purchasing an Open Ticket you will have the possibility to choose which program  to attend based on your needs and plans, on which dates and in which city .

Purchasing an Open Ticket you will have in the next 12 the possibility to decide which program attend plus  one free change of date and place.

The Open Ticket allows you to train with the best instructors certified by The Reconnection with flexibility and comfort.

Please note: for the moment the areas of U.S.A, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and U.K. are excluded from the Open Ticket 

O.N.E. Experience

This Course  allows you to access the expanded Awareness of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies .You can attend  simply to add it to your life’s experience or, if you want, it will enable you to become a Foundational Practitioner who can professionally facilitate  RH sessions.

It is made up of The Portal, the online Level I and The Catalyst, the live weekend event.

RCPP - Level III

This Course teaches to facilitate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of The Personal Reconnection, an expanded exchange of Energy, Light & Information®. This comprehensive certification program further expands upon your abilities as a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner (RHFP) and allows you to offer another aspect of Reconnective Healing in The Personal Reconnection as a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner (RCP). Evolve and expand your Reconnective Healing practice This program also reviews and explores in further detail the art, science and philosophy that you were introduced to in the Reconnective Healing Live Immersion and Online Programs.