What is

Reconnective Academy International

Reconnective Academy aims to bring help and support at the highest professional levels to all operators who, with love, dedication and understanding of philosophy, have practiced Reconnective Healing in the past, present or future.

It is committed to the correct dissemination of Reconnective Healing with the most crystalline and clear communication methods all over the world, represents The Reconnection and faithfully transfers its values ​​and philosophy.

It also offers activities of:

Mentoring - Individual or in group

Credentialing - To maintain qualification as a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

Support for starting your own business

Courses and activities for Practitioners

Public Speaking

Effective Communication Courses

Group Management Courses

Reconnective Healing Philosophy Courses

Elements of Science of Reconnective Healing

Deontology Courses

Orientation Courses to Regulations

Courses on managing your individual business

Marketing Online

Marketing Offline

Management of your professional image

Common Reading Days

Review of Levels
I – II – III

Voluntary activities