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Social media Consulting

For Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Practitioners

What we Offer:

Being ourselves Practitioners of the Reconnective Healing, we can offer for your social media management tools that are shaped to your needs: some already done publications with the main aspects of our practice (what is RH, Personal Reconnection, Solomon’s quotes, …), but also a way to define your values that support your practice, your customers profile, and even some animations to make your social medias more attractive. 

Our Mission:

Our goal is that the practitioners can spend the least possible time on social media animation. The work of the practitioners is to practice Reconnective Healing, and social medias can be very time consuming. Therefore, once your brand values and customer profiles are defined, it will be possible for you to concentrate on your professional practice. 

Our Method:

We make it pleasant and funny. Act like a child and play games, and from those games, we can find the values you can communicate, and people that you can easily attract. Of course, there is an underlying method, there are some technical tools  that I will advise you to use, and I will be present to help you if needed. Having worked as  a strategist made me also understand that we all have different needs, and that a tailored solution is always more efficient. To say it with an image: a bank of sardines is more resilient than a whale … we want all the small sardines to grow. Humor, Emotions, a little bit of Reconnective Healing Philosophy, and you’re done with your social media marketing! 

Our Bundles:


  • After one hour of Zoom meeting, Creation (or fine tuning) of your Instagram account and Facebook page (Tiktok account for free).
  • A pack of 50 standard ready to use publications (.png)


  • Bronze Pack plus
  • 2 hours of Zoom meeting to determine your Brand values.
  • 50 personalized publications with your contact information (.png)
  • 10 personalized publications with your brand values (.png)


  • Silver Pack plus
  • One Hour of Zoom meeting to determine your customers profile (avatar)
  • 10 personalized publications with your customer avatar
  • 2 personalized doodle videos.



  • 50 standard publications (.png)
  • 50 personalized publications (with contact information)

Our Expert:

Laurent Bruneau

Laurent Bruneau is part of the team of the Global Advisory Group of The Reconnection. He has a PhD. in computer science, has been strategy manager in a telecommunication company, and is now a confirmed practitioner of Reconnective Healing. He has been trained to social media animation and has realized websites for his activities. 

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In addition to the Social Media Marketing Support, take a look at the Website for Practitioners and the Social Media Marketing Training Program, with all the printed material for the promotion of your business.