Co-Instructor in Training


Born on January 22, 1959, Rafael Coriat has been from his earliest memories, a restless seeker of life’s answers. His innate charisma and the natural healing energy that surrounds him, has allowed him to get closer and closer to his childhood dream of sharing goodness and fulfilling his life purpose.

Physiotherapist, Writer, Visionary, Facilitator, Lecturer and Coach certified by the Central University of Venezuela, Facilitator certified by International Learning Center U.S.A. and by Insight Seminars Level IV Chile, he was an Instructor of the International Learning Center U.S.A. for three years and is an Instructor of the international team of Reconnective Academy.
He is fluent in English Italian and Portuguese.

From a very young age he made a promise to himself, which he has kept all his life: “the decision to choose to be a Sail and not an Anchor for Humanity” and he has dedicated his life to share this promise with Kindness and Motivation.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish, English, Italian, PORTUGUESE