Fanny Bastogne

Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner & The Reconnection Professional Practitioner.
Co-Instructor in Training


As a passionate and enthusiastic practitioner, Fanny has not only embraced Reconnective Healing® but also joined the Global Leadership Support Team (GLST). As a dedicated teaching assistant, she has traveled across Europe, actively participating in various training programs hosted by Reconnective Academy International. Today, Fanny is on her way to becoming a co-instructor, excited to share this simple yet powerful practice with you.

Fanny’s transformative path began with a profound experience—a vivid dream that led her to encounter Eric Pearl’s book, “The Reconnection.” Fanny resonated deeply with the principles and infinite possibilities presented within its pages and started instantly her journey and exploration of Reconnective Healing® through the different training programs and sessions. She rediscovered her true essence and witnessed remarkable personal growth in every aspect of her life.

Spoken Languages:

English, FRENCH