Sara Jansson

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor

Practice Location:
Street: Rödabergsgatan 3 – Stockholm, 113 33, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)707830300


Sara Jansson is a Reconnective Healing (RH) Foundational & Reconnection- Certified Practitioner based in Stockholm Sweden.
She has also been involved in the work as a Practitioner Mentor, supporting other RH Practitioners, and a member of The Reconnection Teaching team serving as a Teaching Assistant during the Reconnective Healing Training Programs in Europe with Dr Eric Pearl.
Sara is the founder and owner of -Helhjärtat and Helhjärtat Center- in Stockholm, where you’ll always find well-renowned and well informed RH Foundational & Certified Practitioners

Spoken Languages:

Swedish and english

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