Sara Jansson

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, International Instructor

Practice Location:
Street: Rödabergsgatan 3 – Stockholm, 113 33, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)707830300


Sara has been deeply engaged in the field of Reconnective Healing since 2008 and has been an active practitioner since the spring of 2009, following her training with the founder, Dr. Eric Pearl. She offers one-on-one sessions at her private practice in central Stockholm as well as distance sessions.

Without a background in religious or spiritual pursuits, Sara never viewed herself as particularly spiritually inclined. Previously working as a production manager for corporate events, her life trajectory shifted dramatically following a transformative healing experience that defied any principles she was previously familiar with. This led to the opening of a new path and ignited a growing curiosity about life and existence. Specifically, questions about the mechanisms and philosophy of healing began to fascinate her.

Armed with a foundational medical education, Sara pursued body therapy training and studied acupuncture. However, she eventually set those tools aside when she was introduced to Reconnective Healing, recognizing its potent resources for balance, healing, and personal development. Today, she serves clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds who have discovered the positive effects of Reconnective Healing.

Sara owns and operates her business, Helhjärtat vara (“wholehearted being”), and her practice, Helhjärtat Center, in Stockholm. With a deep love for life, she is confident in her expertise and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to share the subject of Reconnective Healing with those eager to learn more.

Spoken Languages:

Swedish and english

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