Melissa Pletinckx

Co-Instructor in Training


Melissa was an ordinary woman from an ordinary family living in an ordinary town in Belgium. Intrigued by the why of our existence, she lived her early life in search of meaning, for an understanding of being human and the why of human suffering. With a strong sense of belonging, she devoted herself with her Graduate degree in Libraries and Documentary Information Science to municipalities that want to boost the connection in their city through communication.

When in 2019, as if by chance, Dr. Pearl’s book came into her possession, suddenly nothing became ordinary anymore, everything became ‘more’. She discovered the healer within her, and with this re-connection she opened an undiscovered and immeasurable source of unity and knowing.

Since then she has been committed to sharing Reconnective Healing, in her practice Hartsbron in Geraardsbergen (Belgium), as a mentor and as an international instructor. For her, Reconnective Healing is not only a way to discover what we have to do here and to evolve in it at an accelerated pace, but also and above all the essence of our human being. It is and remains an honor for her to make this work known, facilitate it, pass it on and teach it to others.

Spoken Languages:

Dutch, english and french