Caroline Lagouge

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor


Caroline Lagouge grew up in the Paris region. She has always danced passionately. As a child she has spontaneous extra-sensory experiences and as a teenager she is interested in psychology.
At the age of seventeen, following a potentially fatal accident, she decided to train in dance. At twenty-one years old, following another accident which condemned her to be disabled, she invents a mental strategy and manages to heal herself. She regains all her physical abilities, passes her exams and dances professionally. Then she understands that humans have unlimited resources that go far beyond what medicine knows.
From then on she pursued a back of dancer, choreographer and director, and in parallel was formed in multiple facets of resources.
Still a student, Caroline is a researcher she explores NLP, transactional analysis AT, sophrology, relaxation, meditation, energy care related to chakras, energy bodies, polarities, ancient wisdom medicines , some practical elements of Chinese medicine, Wellness massage, etc.
In parallel to nourish her search for freedom, her art, she studies techniques of bodily integration such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, the somatic, the Pilate of dancers. Also she practices and transmits Taichi quan, Kiryuho, Amerta movement,
dance and emotional management at school.

In 2013, she met the Reconnection according to Eric Pearl and recognized these frequencies as a bridge of consciousness, so simple and so fast, to facilitate access to the unlimited potential of human abilities.
Since then, Caroline has been a certified Reconnexion practitioner. She lives with the awareness of the frequencies of Reconnective Healing in her daily life.
Since then, she has also become a mentor to support Reconnection practitioners and training program instructor to support light, Love, awareness development on the planet.

Spoken Languages:

French and english

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