Caroline Lagouge

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, International Instructor


Alongside her artistic life as a dancer, choreographer, improviser and director, Caroline has trained in many other forms of research. At the age of 20, in an accident that forced her to limp, she discovered her ability to heal herself with her mind and breathing. Since then, she has been exploring with appetite all forms of deve-lopment and understanding of being. Also since 1988 she practices Taichi chuan and Kiryuho which she still teaches. In 1996 she met the Amerta movement, in 2002 she deepened her massage practice with the training of Californian Ray Swartley. 

During the 90s she also explores the energetic with training on the medicine of subtle bodies, the rebalancing of chakras, Reiki, Accessbars etc… In 1992 and 1999 she lived the inatendue experience of awakening, during two days each, which invites her each time to deepen meditation and the space of inner silence that is dear to her. An expert in letting go, she accompanies individuals and groups in search of a reunion with their inner strength and confidence. 

In 2013 she met the book The Reconnection of Eric Pearl, recognizes the very high frequencies of consciousness. After two sessions of Reconnective Healing and her personal Reconnection she follows the training to become a certified practitioner of Reconnection. Immediately she will be present at the trainings as a volunteer and then as a mentor in training, trained by Pat Atanas and finally as a teaching assistant in Eric Pearl’s team in London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Porto, Basel and Germany. 

Now, she is very pleased to offer individual Reconnective Healing sessions both remotely and in the pre-sence and the two sessions of Personal Reconnection. Since 2020 it is with joy and passion that she is part of the Reconnective Academy International instructor team for professional trainings in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada and Africa in Morocco… . Passionate about education, she offers her experience also on the occasion of retreats in presence and online with the high frequencies of Reconnective Healing, in order to give adults the keys to offer children a cli-mate of trust and internal security in family or cultural school and social settings. 

She also offers retreats to experience the high frequencies in Nature, with dance, horses or other animals, plants, massage therapy, dance, meditation… Magnificent initiation or deepening of our relationship to the field of unlimited high frequencies of cons-ciousness. Its focus today is to give the opportunity to a maximum of people of all ages to access this field of high fre-quencies of consciousness so that harmony develops in each and collectively for a conscious humanity that respects the sovereignty of each. She is the author of the book L'(h)urluberlu published by Unicité in January 2024.

Spoken Languages:

French and english

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