Romi Nishikawa

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor


Having studied undergraduate psychology,  Romi was introduced to the idea of spiritual connections, and became quite interested in that aspect of study.

Upon graduation, she found herself more and more interested in the non physical realm of life.  While working at an ordinary publishing company, she studied many modalities to help people heal more holistically.

In 2007, she happened upon The Reconnection and become a practitioner of this work. While the conventional healing methods take many years to solve “problems“, the Reconnection is a simple and powerful solution to deliver people back to a state of wholeness instantaneously.

Romi says, “These last 14 years  of my life with the Reconnection had been filled with so many challenges and  difficulties  to transcend.  Yet the expansion of the universe corresponds to the expansion of my own personal growth  and  Now I feel blessed and indebted to the universe to be able to share this evolutionary work with so many people on this planet.”

Romi was the first to be recognized as an  instructor in her home country of Japan. She also sponsors The Reconnective Healing  training program (Catalyst Level 2) & Level 3  for Japan.

Spoken Languages:

Japanese and English

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