Gabriela Salazar

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor


Mexican, she holds a Bachelor of Arts and Design and a Masters in Ericksonian Hypnosis. Since 2008 she has been a Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection Practitioner. She is currently part of the Reconnective Healing International Team of Teachers.
She speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese.

At a certain point in her life, she Gabriela wanted to find something else in her, a truth that she was strong and made it resonate from the bottom of her heart.

Thirteen years ago her life took an unexpected turn when someone told her about the Reconnective Healing Frequencies: since that moment her life has undergone a dramatic change. She started a new life from scratch, full of challenges, self-awareness and transformation. This profound call to her led her to find coherence within herself between that “mystery of the Universe Orchestration” and to let herself be led by the hand, like a child who takes and trusts the hand of her mother.
Changes and modifications in her life made everything that prevented her from this metamorphosis disappear and, wanting it or not, she learned to get rid of what she had endured for so many years that was useless, in order to enter the Infinite Consciousness and adhere to her. .
Through the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing Gabriela had the opportunity to find her vibration and to resonate with her life purpose.
This allowed her to open doors and inspire her peers, so that they find, like her, their life mission.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish, Portuguese and english

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