Pierre Hazera

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor


Pierre Hazera was born in La Teste, near Bordeaux, France. Initially trained in NLP in 2002, he evolved between practicing slalom skateboarding and working in the fine grocery industry. Later on, life brought him back to the field of well-being, and he trained in kinesiology and primitive reflexes. In 2018, he discovered Reconnective Healing, and shortly after, he traveled to Prague to meet Eric Pearl and his team. Captivated by this approach that allowed him to reconnect with his core values, he decided in 2020 to become more actively involved in the dissemination and transmission of Reconnective Healing by becoming an assistant on programs in France and Europe, as well as a GLST and co-organizer of French-speaking events.

Pierre is a professional slalom skateboarder, a yogi passionate about personal development and physiology. Always curious to learn new things, even though Reconnection has shown him that we already have everything inside ourselves. The values he holds dear are respect, mutual aid, personal and collective evolution.

Reconnective Healing has transformed his life beyond his expectations. He works with groups during training or conferences, as well as with children facing different types of difficulties. He even became the father of a little girl in 2022, something that was absolutely inconceivable before his encounter with Reconnection. He continues his journey as a teaching assistant with the aim of becoming an international instructor himself, to further spread the frequencies of energy, light, and information. One of his deepest wishes is for everyone to have access to Reconnective Healing at least once to find the way back home, to their inner temple.

Spoken Languages:

english and french

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