Édith Muet

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor in training


As flowers germinate, grow and blossom each in their own way without anyone telling them how to do it, Edith has always been convinced of the ability of each person to find their own path in the most satisfying way for themselves. And, through the different professions that she has been able to exercise, she accompanies those who wish to on their path to truth.

Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection imposed themselves in her life as evidence, leading her each time more towards her own freedom to be and to love, towards her ability to fully express her deep, joyful and creative nature… and to feel her own completeness!

It is with great joy and gratitude that today she offers Reconnective Healing® and Personal Reconnection sessions, during which, like a catalyst, she facilitates the connection of each person to their essence… allowing them, like a flower, to express its personal color, to exhale its unique fragrance. As a Mentor, she actively contributes to supporting practitioners and promoting Reconnection in France and around the world.

Spoken Languages:

French and English

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