Ana Belén Molero

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor in training


Hi, I’m Ana Belén, and I want to share with you a little bit of my journey and dedication to Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection. I was born in Valencia, but more than two decades ago two decades ago I found my home in Mallorca, where I currently reside.

From a young age, my inquisitive mind led me to question the essence of who I really am. During my adolescence, I faced challenges in relationships that, although they made me suffer, also brought me but also provided me with valuable lessons and a path to personal evolution.

Four years ago, my relentless pursuit of truth led me to a transformative encounter with Dr. Eric Pearl with Dr. Eric Pearl and the Reconnective Healing experience. This encounter changed my life in ways I could not even have imagined. I fully committed myself to this fascinating journey of self-knowledge and healing.

As a certified Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection Facilitator, as well as an international as well as an international instructor, I have found my purpose in helping others to discover their true essence and to essence and to heal on deep levels. I am committed to continue expanding consciousness and guiding those seeking answers on their own path to truth and wholeness.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and transformation, I am here to support you on your own path to healing and reconnection!

Spoken Languages:

English and Spanish

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