Adriana Cárdenas

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor in training


Born in Medellín, Colombia, married, and mother of two children. She grew up in a music and art- loving family.

She has always been drawn to spiritual topics and human behavior, leading her to learn about different subjects related to personal development, seeking a more spiritual path in life with the intention of serving others. In this process, she discovered the book “THE RECONNECTION” in 2013 and felt in her heart that this was the path she had been searching for.

A lover of color and design, illustration and painting, she earned her degree as a Graphic Designer, a knowledge she has applied in various facets throughout her life, including her Creative Bakery business, which emerged after her Personal Reconnection in 2014.

She loves teaching and has been a teacher of English and art for children and adolescents, always interested in understanding the multiple intelligences or the different ways of learning that people have.

Currently, she has a space called “ESPACIO RECONECTA” where she conducts in-person sessions of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. She also offers distance sessions of Reconnective Healing.

Adriana is convinced that every situation life present is an opportunity for learning and personal growth. For her, this is a path of awakening; a true call to connect with our soul and purpose, a deeper discovery of our essence. It’s a journey she wants to share with all those who allow it.

Spoken Languages:

English and Spanish

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