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level i

The portal (online)

Online Course - The Portal - Level I

It is the basic online course that can be easily followed from any electronic device and wherever there is an internet connection. Through the Portal’s 8 hours of e-learning, Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer will introduce you directly to the philosophical, historical, scientific and partly practical basis of Reconnective Healing. The course will always remain available to the user who will establish when and how to follow it according to his methods and timing. The videos are in the original language subtitled in Italian.

It is an intimate and dynamic experience, which will allow you to access the understanding of the fundamental principles of Reconnective Healing and the strength of these frequencies will begin to manifest itself effortlessly in everyday life. You will learn a new way to feel, observe and connect to everything and everyone around you.

The Portal must be finished if you decide to participate in the Catalyst. Conversely, it can be followed for simple personal interest if you do not intend to continue learning. It does not issue certifications as an essential part of the O.N.E. EXPERIENCE.

what is included:

  • 8 ore of video lessons  on demand
  • 64 lessons
  • 2 chapters video about your Inner Compass
  • Progress check questionnaire

This course is included in the O.N.E. EXPERIENCE (Level I + Level II)


The Catalyst : Level II

After completing the online basic course, you can attend the live full immersion course. The Catalyst is the present-day course of a weekend in which, in addition to a broad study of the themes already known, the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing will be tangibly experienced. It is characterized by a lot of practice at the massage tables through which you will learn to interact with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies in a conscious and professional way.

At the end of the O.N.E. EXPERIENCE, only if desired, can you become a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner by signing The Reconnection Code of Ethics.

The Catalyst takes place under the guidance of Guglielmo Poli, Co-Director of The Reconnection and President of the Reconnective Academy International. Guglielmo was personally trained by Eric Pearl who delegated the teaching to him and in this course he will be assisted by members of the Reconnection International Team.

His great professionalism, experience and humanity will make these two days together a truly unique experience. With simplicity it will lead the trainees to a deep awareness of Reconnective Healing. He will teach how to perform the session in the presence, remotely, the holographic one and self-session. He will explore the science, philosophy and all the principles underlying Reconnective Healing also through moments of confrontation with the students.

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From the program

Highlights of the course:

  • We will access the field of Energy, Light and Information of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.
  • You will increase your awareness of yourself and your possibilities.
  • A new freedom of approach to energy practices will be experienced.
  • They will experience and recognize the benefits and changes that Reconnective Healing brings to their own life and that of others.
  • You will learn how to professionally perform Reconnective Healing sessions.
  • There will be in-person, remote, holographic and self-sessions.
  • You will acquire the correct understanding of this practice in order to communicate it accurately to others.
  • Useful elements will be provided to start your own practice as well as elements of marketing strategies.
  • It will be explained how to incorporate this practice within the profession in the branch of well-being.
  • We will compare, we will share, we will laugh, we will be surprised but above all we will learn to appreciate the value of simplicity.

Pre-requisites and certification:

  • Have completed Level I online.
  • Have received a Reconnective Healing session from a certified practitioner whose name will need to be provided for verification. It can also be received during the Course by one of the Members of the International Team.
  • At the end of the O.N.E. Experience, after having signed the Code of Ethics of The Reconnection (Standards of Practice) you will receive the certificate of Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner which will enable you to professionally facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions.
  • This qualification is essential to access the Third Level Courses – Reconnection Cerified Practitioner Program in which you will be enabled to professionally perform the Personal Reconnection

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