The Reconnection Training Program 2024 in Bogotà Spanish


Unlock the extraordinary experience of The Reconnection®, a profound exchange of energy, light, and information that occurs only once in a lifetime! Join us in a comprehensive certification program, expanding your skills as a Reconnective Healing™ Foundational Practitioner. This program empowers you to become a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner™, enabling you to provide Reconnection to the public. Elevate and expand your practice of Reconnective Healing with this transformative opportunity.

Discover New Levels of Connection with The Reconnection

By learning to facilitate The Reconnection, you will embark on a journey of unexplored depths in this transformative modality. This program takes you beyond what you’ve previously experienced, allowing you to delve into the art, science, and philosophy taught in Reconnective Healing’ training program. Deepen your understanding and refine your skills as you explore new dimensions of healing.

Unlock the Ancient Connection: The Power of Meridian Lines

Long ago, our bodies were interconnected with the planet’s energy network, which intersected at significant energy sites such as Machu Picchu, Giza, and Sedona. These connections extended beyond our physical bodies, linking us to a vast energy grid that encompassed the entire universe. Although remnants of this ancient system remain within us, humanity collectively disconnected from it, losing our innate ability to tap into the universe’s boundless energy.

Restore and Activate Your Axiatonal Lines with The Reconnection

The Reconnection offers the means to restore and reactivate these axiatonal lines, reconnecting you to a higher level of information and power than ever before. These lines form part of an infinite intelligent network, a parallel dimensional system that rejuvenates human functions at every level. Experience the profound renewal that comes with aligning with this intelligent universal network.

Enhanced Learning Experience in a Welcoming Environment

Take advantage of our exclusive seminar, which provides a warm and intimate setting for your training. With limited spots available, you’ll receive individualized attention from our instructors, who are dedicated to meeting your specific needs. Immerse yourself fully in your training, as our unique structure allows you ample time to learn The Reconnection protocol. Step by step, you’ll gain mastery in just two days of focused instruction.

Pre-Requirements for The Reconnection Training Program

To participate in The Reconnection Training Program, you must have successfully completed The Reconnective Healing Training Program, earning the title of Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner. Additionally, it is essential to receive your Personal Reconnection facilitated by a credentialed Reconnection professional Practitioner before or during the program. These pre-requisites ensure that you are fully prepared for the advanced teachings of The Reconnection. Always control that your Professional Practitioner will be certified: send an email to and we will help you in the process.

Post-Seminar Certification and Renewal

Following The Reconnection Training Program, you’ll have the opportunity to become a The Reconnection Professional Practitioner. After 7 days of completing the course, you’ll undergo a credentialing test, either online or offline, to assess your learning directly with your International Instructor. The Credentialing will be repeated every 2 years and will have a cost of 99 CHF/EUR/USD


29 - 30 Apr 2024


9:00 - 18:00


CHF 879.00


Carlton Dam Hotel Bogotà


Guglielmo Poli
Guglielmo Poli

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, Mentor, Director Of Reconnective Academy International, Co-Director of The Reconnection

Other Organizers

Marcela Barbotto
Marcela Barbotto

International Instructor