Personal Reconnection

333 CHF

It uses the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing and acts on the individual macro cosmos through a precise procedure, targeted information. It is a process that reconnects the energetic grid of the body to the ley lines of the planet and therefore to the universal one in all dimensions of time and space. Those who receive it will be reconnected to a system of infinite intelligence, to their original vibrations, to the true Self.

Receiving the Reconnection triggers an uninterrupted process that will accompany him in his Life Progress making it clearer, simpler and more fluid. Those who receive Personal Reconnection will therefore be able to face life in a more conscious, more lucid, more balanced way because they have finally been brought back to their essence, to what they really are by regaining full power over themselves.

With less fear, less stress, less external conditioning, the evolution of events will seem faster thanks to the regained and precise understanding of the meaning of one’s life.

Personal Reconnection takes place in two distinct sessions on two different days. The second session must be completed within three days of the first. Personal Reconnection is received only once in a lifetime and is an individual and conscious choice.