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Reconnective Academy International is a professional training institution that trains hundreds of practitioners every year in the holistic and wellness field. An academy where you can discover and rediscover your potential, in contact with experts who can guide you accurately and professionally to achieve your goals.

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Becoming a Practitioner  is a wonderful path, whether you do it for your personal growth or if you want to make it a profession. Being Practitioner is a great joy and responsibility for this it is our task to guide you in the best way within this world, with the most experienced teachers in the world.

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Continuous professional training, even online!

Reconnective Academy is always committed to offering the best to its members and practitioners, studying the most current needs of the market and above all of users.

And it is precisely from the needs of users, who wish to be able to study and train in line with their daily commitments, that the online academy is born! Available soon!


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Who can teach Reconnective Healing in your area?

Reconnective Academy is made up only of Instructors certified directly by The Reconnection and Dr. Eric Pearl himself. Each member of our team has reached this level of awareness after many years of working with Eric.