Reconnective Healing Training Program Plovdiv 2024 in Bulgarian and English

Welcome to the Reconnective Healing Training Program in Plovdiv, where under the personal guidance of Svemir Kovac, Associate Instructors trained directly by Eric Pearl & Guglielmo Poli, and the International Team, you’ll embark on a journey towards dynamic improvement in all aspects of your life while also learning to help others achieve theirs. This transformative weekend experience promises to elevate your mastery at work and beyond, offering intensive practice modules in a nurturing environment where you will create and transform alongside your peers.What You Will Learn:Mastering Sessions: Learn the art of facilitating Reconnective Healing sessions, including in-person sessions, distant sessions, and the profound practice of self-healing.

Original Teachings: Benefit from the only original teachings of Eric Pearl, ensuring authenticity, depth, and reverence in your practice. Reconnective Academy International is the only one worldwide Institution approved by The Reconnection and Dr. Eric Pearl.

Personal and Professional Growth: Whether you seek a beautiful and transformative personal experience or aspire to make Reconnective Healing your profession, this training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive.

Highlights of the Seminar:
– Access the field of energy, light, and information that surrounds you.
– Conduct professional sessions of Reconnective Healing within the course itself.
– Enhance self-awareness, boost self-esteem, release fears and limitations, and learn to navigate life’s flow.
– Develop public speaking skills to effectively communicate your passion or profession.
– Acquire the tools to establish your own studio and integrate Reconnective Healing into healthcare or wellness practices.
– Learn marketing strategies to build your initial clientele.
– Gain insights into distance practice, self-sessions, and holographic sessions.
– Explore the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of Reconnective Healing.



Prerequisites and Certifications:

Pre-Requisite Session: Prior to the end of the Training Program, participants must have received a Reconnective Healing session from a recognized practitioner. Appointments for sessions can be scheduled directly on-site during the course with members of the International Team, ensuring participants are aligned with the modality. Please always control that the Practitioner that is facilitating for you the session is a recognized one. If you have any doubt please write to . Sessions facilitated by non-approved practitioners will not be accepted to accomplish this pre-requisite.

Code of Ethics: Adherence to the Code of Ethics (Standards of Practice) is required to obtain certification as a Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner.

Certification:Upon completion, you’ll receive certification as a Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner, opening doors to further exploration, such as The Reconnection Training Program.

Embark on this profound journey of healing, growth, and discovery with the Reconnective Healing Training Program. Experience the transformative power of reconnecting with the essence of Yourself and unlock your limitless potential. Welcome to a world where miracles become reality, and healing becomes a way of life!


18 - 19 May 2024


9:30 - 18:30


CHF 669.00




Svemir Kovac
Svemir Kovac
+385 95 5884585

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor