O.N.E. Experience – Dallas 2022 in English



Start your journey with the Reconnective Healing online basic course. This is an intimate and dynamic e-learning experience with Dr Eric Pearl and Co-Instructor Jillian Fleer. You will be immersed in understanding the fundamental principles of Reconnective Healing and the power of these frequencies will effortlessly begin to manifest in your everyday life. You will learn a new way to feel, observe and connect to everything and everyone around you.This first course is online and must be followed before you can access the live course, to which you will arrive prepared and ready for the ultimate massage table experience!What is included in the Online Level I course “The Portal”

  • Essential Level I Course in Reconnective Healing
  • The Inner Compass -Video course with Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer
  • AFTER! You will join us live… together with The Reconnection International Team!

Event Description:
The Catalyst – Live Immersion Weekend (Level II) event is your opportunity to realize the accelerated presence of healing in all areas of your life. Under the personal guidance of Rob Koenig, International Instructor and Co-Director of The Reconnection, LLC, you will recognize and own your personal mastery and relationship with the Intelligence of the Reconnective Healing Experience.
Our gathering will ignite NEW revelations and receivership with the Reconnective Healing Intelligence – where it is the conduit and you are the Catalyst – for yourself, as well as everyone and everything in your life. Together we will bring about the most powerful Catalytic Spark in you and root a magnificent and coherent healing inspiration – forever transforming your life, humanity and our planet!
This is your greatest opportunity to be all you are. Realize dynamic healing with a whole new level of freedom in all areas of your life… and help others realize it in theirs!!!
During this transformative weekend, you will:

    • Engage in advanced practice modules interacting with the RH frequencies where you will immerse yourself, cohere and powerfully transform together with your classmates
    • Practice the Advanced Art of Distance and Holographic healing
    • Discover how the Reconnective Healing Experience can be applied within your daily life to enhance your personal relationships, experience of abundance and expanded sense of joy and life progress
    • Awaken the potential that exists before, in and far beyond the latent systems of the body-mind
    • Learn how to facilitate self-healing
    • Gain the experience needed to facilitate professional Reconnective Healing sessions

Whether you’re a seeker of personal growth and evolution or are looking to gain the skills to become a professional Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, this spectacular life-changing event is for you!

PREREQUISITES AND CERTIFICATIONS:Have completed Level I Online: The Online Essentials Course.

Have received a Reconnective Healing session from a recognized practitioner.

(Appointments can be made for sessions directly on site during the course with members of the International Team. In any case, we recommend that you try one even earlier).After the completion of Level I Online: The Online Essentials Course and Level II in Person: The Live Immersion, and by adhering to the Code of Ethics (Standards of Practice), you will receive the certificate of Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner (RHFP) – Professional Operator of Reconnective Healing by signing the code of ethics. As an RHFP, you will be able to access the third Level where The Reconnection is learned: The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program.


23 - 24 Apr 2022


9:30 - 18:30


$ 1,157