margarita alvarez mota

Foundational Practitioner, The Reconnection Certified Practitioner, International Instructor


Margarita Álvarez Mota

Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® Instructor

Having an Advanced Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Margarita was always interested in Energy, Light and Information. She has been also working as Training Director, Business Manager and CEO for many years. 

Margarita met Reconnective Healing® in a moment of change in her life, through a deep inner vision and found, not just a way to heal, but also to live and to communicate. 

She is fully dedicated now to help the global community as Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® Instructor, Practitioner, Mentor for practitioners, Living in the Frequencies Teacher, Practice Development Program Instructor and Mentor for new Mentors.

Spoken Languages:

spanish and english

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