Vladimir Penić

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor in training


II was born in Niš, Serbia. where I still live and work today. I am a civil engineer by profession. But I am much more interested in spiritual and healing disciplines. I first heard about Reconnective Healing in 2010 on the TV show "ON THE EDGE OF SCIENCE". Eric Perl was the guest. I watched without blinking. I was magnetically attracted to it from the first moment. I was just looking for that! Shortly after that I read Eric's book "THE RECONNECTION - HEAL OTHERS, HEAL YOURSELF" and by receiving the information from the book, I connected to the field of Reconnective Healing frequencies. From that moment on, I practiced constantly on myself and everyone around me. The desire to become a practitioner and professionally engage in Reconnective Healing appeared spontaneously. So in 2012, I finished the Reconnective Healing seminar in Budapest. Met Eric Pearl and other wonderful colleagues. Immediately after obtaining the certificate, I started my own practice, which I am still engaged in today. Reconnective healing and Reconnection are a huge love of mine. The greatest inspiration is the transformation that people experience when they are touched by Reconnective Healing frequencies. Since 2012, I have regularly volunteered at all Reconnective Healing seminars in the Balkan region. I provide Reconnective Healing sessions in presence and at a distance, Personal Reconnection sessions. And now I am a mentor in training.

Spoken Languages:

English, SERBIAN

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