María Navarro Espino

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, Mentor in training


I was born in Mexico City and decided to study law in order to provide a service to people.

Throughout my career and the following years I dedicated myself to criminal law until I realized that the equation in my life was wrong, I had to start looking out for myself first in order to help others.

I studied a master’s degree in holistic psychology to be able to integrate the body, mind and feelings as part of a whole.

I also specialized in thanatology as an understanding that we can’t conceive life without death and death without life believing that we must reconcile ourselves with both experiences to be able to transcend them.

Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection were the perfect link to understand that I want to dedicate my life to the service of others from another level of consciousness.

This path taken has led me to reunite with who I came to be and to touch with fragility and love the most authentic part of me and today I know that I want to share it with the world.

Spoken languages:

Spanish and english

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