Practitioner Website

890 CHF

What the offer includes:

We will create your website using a “Template” specially created for all Academy operators, which can be customized in the contact, bio and personal logo sections (if you have one). All the texts on the site are written, as always, by Reconnective Academy International, guaranteeing you the utmost clarity and accuracy in informing users about The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.

  • Responsive website (visible from desktop, tablet and smartphone);
  • Homepage with Practitioner Biography and contacts;
  • Presentation page of The Reconnection (Dr.Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer);
  • Page of the “Scientific Research” , a section dedicated to all the research carried out on The Reconnection Frequencies;
  • Sessions page, where users can read about Reconnective Healing and Reconnection;
  • Online session booking form;
  • Online release waiver for remote sessions;
  • PayPal button to optimize sales of sessions;
  • Contact Page, where users can easly keep in touch with practitioners;
  • Installation and configuration by our expert;
  • High quality hosting with 24/7 support (only the first year is included in the offer, after that the practitioner can choose whatever provider);
  • Professional Email (If needed);
  • Access as Admin of the website.