Bhairavi Tushar Mehta

Professional Practitioner, The Reconnection Professional Practitioner, International Instructor


Bhairavi Mehta advocates Energy Healing in a very effective manner. She comes from Bhavnagar, a small city located in Gujarat state, in India. Further, she paved her path to international fame. She studied Environmental Engineering but got deviated from her formal education to healthcare. It was an emotional and tough journey. Her husband suffered from severe Gout, which led her to a quest of learning about alternative Health Care. She studied many Healing Modalities like Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing, Psychic Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Foreign Energy Dynamics, Hypnotherapy, etc. Nevertheless, she was ineffective and inadequate to work with disabled, bedridden, mentally ill people and at times she felt helpless in dealing with rebellious teens and elderly people.


Chiefly and importantly, she didn’t see any relief in her husband’s issue of gout. At this point, she felt very dejected, and therefore, the child within her thought of Indian Saints who are believed to Heal people with their eyes or by raising a hand as a gesture of blessings, without touching or communicating in person. Inadvertently, the thought of luminary Sai Baba entailed in her mind, she was highly inspired by the divine energy of saint Sai baba whose healing power is felt at the subconscious level through positive energy. She wanted to attain the imperative alternate healing technique. She started searching the net to find something quintessential to the foundations of healing through divine energy. 


Fortunately, her search came to an end, when her friend mentioned Dr. Eric Pearl, She read about his works, and the same night she felt the reconnection as if she has some Metaphysical experiences. To gain more knowledge she felt a strong need to attend his training. But all the training programs were abroad, she mentioned this to her family members, to the most important three men in her life, her husband, her brother, and her father in law, they all immediately agreed and supported her financially in this endeavor. As expected the experience was phenomenal, she was extremely exhilarated by the expansion of her journey as a healer. She decided to follow her dreams and soon there was no looking back. Within six months she qualified for the Mentors Programme and became a Mentor and then Teaching Assistant with Dr. Eric Pearl and started traveling to various countries on his teaching team to assist in training that he conducted. It was an upward swing in the trajectory of her professional growth when a big turnaround presented itself to her when she promoted two training in Dubai and India. She always wanted to be an Associate Instructor on the team from the very first day when she had attended the training as a student. She always dreamt of teaching, and satisfactorily, in 2018 she came closer to her dream as she was chosen and promoted to train as an Associate Instructor. She is extremely delighted to pursue her dream of teaching in her homeland across India. She lives with the mantra of Love and Gratitude. She is fairly rewarded with immense warmth by her loving family and friends, who always boosted and raised her morale. Also, Dr. Eric Pearl and the entire reconnection family welcomed her with open arms and always motivated her to extend her vision to lead the Reconnecting Healing training in Mumbai since Dec 2019.

Spoken Languages:

gujarati and english

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