Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®


Recognize a real Practitioner of Reconnective Healing is very easy, read the following and find out how to have your session or learn it for yourself in total safety.

Reconnective Academy International promotes and organizes  Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection® Courses like unique worldwide licensed institution approved by Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection. 

We have two professional qualifications:

Professional  Practitioner of Reconnective Healing: Practitioner qualified to facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions.
The Reconnection  Professional Practitioner: Practitioner authorized to facilitate Personal Reconnection

The first is obtained by attending the Reconnective Healing Training Program  and by signing The Reconnection & Reconnective Academy  Code of Ethics.
The second is obtained by attending the The Reconnection Training Program after obtaining the Reconnective healing Professional Certificate.


Control the Certificates

If you would like to have a safe Reconnective Healing® session, facilitated by a real Professional Practitioner, for first ask for his certificate. In the bottom right angle you will find a QR code that will bring you to a control page like this: CLICK HERE

second STEP

Reconnective Healing Training Program

It is the Course that allows you to access the expanded Awareness of the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing. You can attend simply to add it to your life’s experience or, if you want, it will enable you to become a Reconnective Healing Professional Practitioner. 


The Reconnection Training Program

This is the Course which concludes the training of The Reconnection Professional Practitioner. It can be attended only after having obtained the qualification of Reconnective Healing Professional  Pratictioner and qualifies to professionally facilitate Personal Reconnection sessions. During the course the theoretical and philosophical knowledge at the base of the Reconnection will be deepened and above all the precise procedure that characterizes it will be perfectly learned.

Continuous Support

Once you have obtained your Practitioner certificate, Reconnective Academy provides you with specialized courses and official materials to promote yourself effectively, you will find many courses, including the basics of digital marketing, communication courses, public speaking and much more.